Now what about the Fuel 2009? Let’s sum up the conclusions on the Fuel 2009 so far.

- No more 5th line on the Slinshot Fuel 2009
- Different profile on the leading edge
- Fuels’ strap is above the bar!
- The Fuel 2009 is even faster
- The best durability out there.

Or is the Fuel 2009 the same as the Hadlow – Flexifoil machine? Read more about the Fuel 2009..

Awright: lets sum the main conclusions here:  the Slingshot Fuel 2009 is quicker, has an improved low end, and can generate a powerful pop. We all know that all the previous Slingshot Fuels have been a serious success. It is the ultimate performance kite. With feedback through the bar like a sports car, you can feel everything that kite is doing when its 23m above your head.

slingshot fuel wind range

Although I must say that the weight is still a big problem. This makes the kite tough but never the light wind resolution for riders. It’s the kite you want to unpack when its real windy. The other characteristic though is that the Slingshot does not handle gusts very well and is not the one kite solution that some riders are looking for.

SS Fuel 2009 warning:

-          Don’t buy a Slingshot Fuel 13 M, its useless.
-          When you’re on a budget, go for a SLE.

Although they claim that the Slingshot fuel behaves well in the most gusty conditions, real gusty winds need some considerable board technique: just watch any of Ruben Lenten’s movies. The 7m Slingshot Fuel has been the Trademark Kite looping Kite. It turns better than any other kite on the market, kite swings low and boosts high. There are not many kites out there that behave so well in the smaller sizes, again another sign of quality.

Fuel Bar
Lenten has been heavily involved in the creation. There are going to be special “Lenten Bars” coming in which is a high wind specific 20m four line setup with 800lb lines, and can be ordered with the kite as a complete package.

The most significant change is the lack of 5th line. Even though you can easily add it to the kite, all the attachment points are still there. The bar is now the same as the Slingshot Rev CSS which includes the 800lb high quality lines on the front, a brilliant feature, considering most lines are just 550lb.

Last years fuel didn’t quite have the leading edge to cope with the lack of support on the centre L.E although many riders flew without it.

Firstly, they  have actually taken away their patented Split strut design, which  on previous models enabled the canopy to absorb Gusts, but with the new High depower design, Slingshot  no longer needed this on the Fuel. They have also significantly improved the low end on the 2009 Slingshot fuel, with a new aspect ratio design. The kite now also works well in four line mode with a more Rigid leading edge, which no longer needs the 5th line to maintain the optimum shape.

Overall: the fuel has:
much low end and more power, and delivery is more constant that last years. It boasts an amazing shape, the nicest shaped c kite on the market; one could say the perfect arc.

The Slingshot Fuel is the ultimate Freestyle Kite.

There is a a big difference between the slingshot fuel 2008 and slingshot Fuel 2009.

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  1. Why do you say that the 13m is useless, can we have something to back that up?

  2. yes, thats a bold statement isnt it.

  3. i think its because the slingshot uses heavy materials. heavy dacron doesnt fly well in light winds. The slingshot fuel 13 is easily compares to for example the tribal 11.

  4. Why didn’t you post the full review at Kiteboarding Review?

  5. Hey Micheal. I thought i’d just highlight my main findings and leave it at that. What you read on this platform here are my personal findings and that of friends. You created a great looking website though. cheers, Simon.

  6. Regarding the heavy weight, how light is the new 2012 version of Fuel in comparison?

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