The RRD Obsession 2010 is a great looking kite: it just has to be said. The colour combinations and the way it sits on the beach when its fully inflated is just admirable. RRRD has really made a giant leap forward from the old MK models (or so I am told). I bought the RRD Obsession 9 m 2010 as my lowend kite and it has proven its worth over the past summer. I have not bought the 2011 model because of the cost factor ;) The 2011 Obsession is even more beautiful (especially the black and white model). But taste is personal. So here follows the NO BULLSHIT review of my first RRD!

The RRD Obsession is really light. It reminded me of the way my fone tribal II was built: no extras, just a simple kite. A real difference to my North Evo 2010.. that one was just to heavy with all the extra bomb proof protection. blergh. The Obsession can fly litteraly with 7 knots of wind. The movie here shows people on the beach wondering how the kite could fly while there is no wind!

The Obsession is no beginners kite! I bought it from a beginner and he said it was too difficult to handle. I think he was right. First of all the kite is just so fast and almost pivots around its centre in stead of the tips. I have seldom seen this! Then there is the high end. It is not so good I have to say. I fly a 6 and a 9 but do not really match. Luckily my 6 evo has a really good lowend.

That said: the lowend is amazing. I think the grunt of the kite is sometimes just explosive. this makes it almost the perfect wakestyle kite. Whenever you want - even fully powered - it turns on a dime and just pulls you out of your socks. You have to learn how to deal with this.

The jumps are high and landings are smooth and soft. So I give the Obsession a 9 out of 10 for hangtime. Maybe the oldschool north Rhino has more ;).

Funny thing is that I am now more into wavesurfing than on  twintip, but the obsession is not holding me back. Everybody advises me to buy the RRD Religion but I still have to make up my mind. The 2011 is so beautiful (just hope the 2012 model sucks ;)

So there u have it:
High end sucks
Low end rocks
Wake style grunt
Fast turning
BIG jumps
Can be difficult to handle sometimes in high winds

Let me know what you think!

Size In M²

Min. Wind S

Max. Wind

5 m²



7 m²



9 m²



10.5 m²



12 m²



13.5 m²




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