Kiteboarding History, why?

Hmmm, good question.I guess the masterplan behind Kiteboarding History was conjured up during a weedy session. So we can safely say that there is no real urgent reason for the existance of Kiteboarding History. For now that is.Because the site will grow in content, this is the place (though for now a mere WPBlog) where arguments can be found in discussions amongst kiters on what kite had what name and flew with what characteristics in what year.So feel free to add your personal experiences to the kite that was once in your quiver.

Admin’s quiver history:
North Evo 2009 6m
* F-one Tribal II ‘07 11m
* F-one Tribal I ‘06 8m*
slingshot fuel 2006
Slingshot Fuel ‘05 13m
* Naish X2 ‘04 10m
* Cabrinha Black Tip dart ‘04 16m

I am always curious what you are flying, so drop me a line in the comments below!

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  1. Re: your post about oldest kite

    Here is the real oldest kiting history

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