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After the 15th session with my new 555 12m. I also have a 14m 555 but only used that once. Getting to understand the kite well now. (read one of the users reviews, thx 2 Stephen Crossman)

Nobile 555 Kite

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Nobile aimed to create a kite in the Nobile NHP 666 that features all the good parts of a C shape. Fast, direct and axial turning with positive but not hard bar pressure, great unhooked performance and considerable lift. And picture the Nobile NHP 666 with all these features and still behaving like a flatter kite with massive depower.

Nobile NHP 666

So the Nobile NHP 666 handles gusts very well. Especially with a fifth line which is enhanced with multiple leading edge attachments and a natural arc technology. The split line attachments allows the centre of effort of the kite to move forwards when depowering. with this features the Nobile NHP 666 offers near bow levels of depower.

But still I think that the Nobile NHP 666 has to prove itself and that the next edition (Nobile 2009) will be the one you want to buy!
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Read the Mark Shinn interview. Mark tells us the real facts about his new kites, the 555 and the NHP/666. Have you already flown a 555 or a 666? I know I would like to read your No Bullshit review in the comments!

thanks mark!mark shinn nobile


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