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We at the kiteboarding history team welcome a brand new member:

Sal Volkers!

born in Alkmaar, Holland dd 14-11-11 and weighs 3680 grams.

sal volkers

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Hey guys,

this post is definitly miscellaneous. But I just wanted to highlight a blog of my good friend and kitebuddy Yuri:

Outdoor Empathy | Outdoor Travel, Gear and Tips

In a few months he is embarking on a massive outdoor expedition, a 1,5 month trip by canoe on some Siberian river. He also posts pics of our kitesurfing trips in holland and south africa, so do bookmark and link to his blog as often as you can…


thnx and enjoy reading!


Preview of Outdoor Empathy

outdoor empathy

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designed in the 1940’s!!! those darn kids..

lol:  “this is fun. I dont have t work at all. the kite is doing it all for me.”

very first kite

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